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Too Little, Too Late? Oops? Jim Hansen 6/19/2014

CRES/Biochar meeting on 6/26/2014: Promise for the future regarding agriculture and sequestering Carbon (with a potential claim of 100 ppm in 30 years) Cool Planet and associated YouTube. Promise for North Carolina deniers - see related story. For more on Biochar see Biochar

ABOUT THE DENVER CLIMATE STUDY GROUP: Paul Belanger and Genevieve Young, with the help and contributions of Bob Raynolds, have been leading a study group at the Denver Museum of Natural Science (DMNS), with thanks due to Kirk Johnson since the fall of 2006. The group initially started as a global warming study group for geologists, but morphed to cover a much greater range of topics. Paul, a research associate of the Museum of Nature and Science, has a research background in paleoclimate using foraminiferal microfossils and stable isotopes to generate data to interpret past climates. The meeting format waned off and but the group continued to grow and is now a Yahoo discussion group (since September 2009): http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DenverClimateStudygroup/. (MORE)

Looking forward: Where to next? Looking to re-develop this page to something more useful: a blog, current information on climate, energy, sustainability, a new more-appropriate named website? Ideas welcome; please contact Paul Belanger at pebelanger@glassdesignresources.com or call 303-249-7966.

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Earth's climate: past, present and future and reasons for concern: An Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) by Paul Belanger - syllabus, including link to 1/24/14 slides from talk by Warren Hamilton on Anthropogenic warming.


TIMELY NEWS ITEMS (March and April, 2014):

Citizens Climate Lobby: Political will for a livable world
- Web Site: citizensclimatelobby.org/; general information flyer and local Denver/Boulder/Longmont info - click here
- new Golden group forming; organizational meeting May 10th 1-4p.m. Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W. 32nd, Golden - click here for flyer/info

All 3 AR5 (IPCC Assessment reports 2013-2014): click here

Letter from Jim Hansen:
Too Little, Too Late? Oops? 6/19/2014 Jim Hansen (other Jim Hansen)
Children and Adults on Climate Policy: Evidence that They “Get It” 4/1/2014

Senate Testimony by Jim Hansen: Climate and Energy: Fundamental Facts, Responsibilities and Opportunities - click here

Sleepless in Ningbo by Jim Hansen - click here: with a couple links:
a. Bejing charts - climate and energy slides; and
b. "World's Greatest Crime against Humanity and Nature" a letter whereby we should consider nuclear in the mix - especially that of "fast reactors"

University Exeter MOOC climate change course blog (great links): http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/climatechangemooc/

The next row of 4 panels:

There's a lot of push-back those that don't want to believe in global warming that temperatures have been flat the last 17 (or whatever years) without looking at the whole picture. Ignored is the heat going into the ocean (jpeg) (i.e. water - that has a much greater heat capacity than air). The 4 panels below look at a longer range; IMHO it helps to look at the bigger picture not cherry pick the time window to be dismissive. As a geologist, I'm sometimes embarassed to be associated with geologists who apparently ignore CO2 proxy data that indicate the influence CO2 has on Earth's climate in the recent past (Pliocene for example) when Plate Tectonics nor Milankovitch orbital parameters have not been significantly different and yet the climate was clearly warmer (references below; see Royer and/or contact me).
Other/related: IPCC Says Climate Change is Here, World Needs to Adapt (click here for more)

Sick of the winter chill? Here's the data since 1950:New research shows why the planet is still heating up: click here for reference article

click image for full size

This shows the last 3 years (last panel) and prior 5 decades - note how the east Pacific reflects cooler temperatures due to stronger La Nina conditions causing greater than normal upwelling and cooler temperatures: click here for reference article
click image for full size

These diagrams show the heating of the last century by Northern and Southern Hemisphere; the downturn at the end of the left diagram is related to the East Pacific cooling explained in the panel to the left: click here for reference article

click image for full size

This is a clever diagram to show a consistent warming shift
through time; NOTE - it's global NOT just over land. Do note the
last panel does show a cooling shift to the left - but don't count on it
continuing: click here for reference article

click image for full size

Global Warming and Winter weather: 2 rows below are 2 interpretations:

Science Magazine Letter: Global Warming and Winter Weather http://www.sciencemag.org/content/343/6172/729.full (PDF here)

An interview followup by Inquiring Minds: Is the Arctic Really Drunk, or Does It Just Act Like This Sometimes? Jennifer Francis and Kevin Trenberth debate it (link - audio also available)


Earth and Sky: Everything you need to know about a polar vortex: click here
(click above for larger image)

NOAA's Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (An Introduction)

IPCC/AR5 - volume 1 click here
But here's a joint U.S. National Academy of Science and Royal Society 20-point summary: 20-point Climate-Change Summary; Climate Progress link: click here:


Colorado Matters: Is climate change causing extreme weather? Experts disagree: Ryan Warner talks with climate scientists Roger Pielke Jr. and Kevin Trenberth; Feb 17, 2014.Two prominent members of the scientific community disagree on whether recent floods, fires and drought were caused by climate change and human actions. Transcript and Listen link new 2/2014

Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions. A FREE online course from the University of Exeter: finished early April 2014 - WEEKS: http://www.exeter.ac.uk/climatechangecourse/

Other online classes: Future learn courses -



I recently saw in the NPS Bryce Canyon’s “The Hoodoo”: “Nobody likes bad news and because so much of climate change is (perceived as) bad news, many prefer to ignore, be skeptical, or just plain deny valid data” – parenthetical addition mine. I wish we could recognize the issues and instead of ridiculing and dismissing climate scientists, accept the science and discuss what should be done – it’s complex: it involves economics, future energy directions, population, socio-economics. Climate change is part of nature, except we are causing it at a rate unparalleled in Earth History; its sustainability for our way of life!"











CLIMATE INDICATORS FROM NASA (http://climate.nasa.gov/keyIndicators/) - AN EXCERPT (downloaded ~ 5/21/2013):


Climate Change: Science and Consequences for Colorado: Slides from: workshop/seminar focused on Climate Change caused by human activity and the looming consequences for Colorado and the West: http://www.maxtyler.us/ClimateChange.aspx (Colorado State Representative - district 23) - includes slide presentations of:


- Dr. Dag Nummedal, Colorado School of Mines - Climate Change and Effects
- Dan Snare, Warren Tech - Science as a Way of Thinking
- Dr. Caspar Amman, NCAR - Key Evidence for Climate Change
- Dr. Charles Kutscher - Science vs. Skeptics
- Brad Udall, CU-NOAA Western Water Assessment - Hotter and Drier
- Dr. Ian Billick, Rocky Mountain Bio Lab - Biology of Climate Change
- Rev. Peter Sawtell, Eco-Justice Ministries - Climate Ethics


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  • HOME a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (1hour 33 minutes long - you will not be disappointed:
    IT'S MESSAGE (esp. 1:20' ON) "It's too late to be a pessimist"

    about: http://www.goodplanet.org/:

    TO ANYONE WHO DOUBTS HUMAN IMPACT: An extraordinary film Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (h/t to Daniel Bailey). Yann Arthus-Bertrand is famous for his aerial photography and this film features a dazzling series of aerial shots of the Earth. Each shot is a piece of art. Stringing it together is a compelling story narrated by Glenn Close. It speaks of the Earth's beauty and the balance of nature's ecosystems. It documents how humans have disrupted the balance and our unsustainable trajectory. But like any good climate message, it ends with hopeful and positive actions already occurring.


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